Wooden spoons… a weapon of not-so-mass-destruction


As I’ve said in a previous blog, Mum and Dad had 5 of us… 3 girls and 2 boys – in that order. Very few photo memories once the boys arrived. I’m thinking perhaps the camera was broken sometime before Gerard’s arrival. Maybe Anne took it apart to see how it worked, she was like that…..

The wooden spoon….

Mum had many talents but one I remember well was her ability to repurpose a wooden spoon. They were weapons-of-not-so-mass-destruction on our bottoms! I used to high tail it (‘scuse the pun) to the swings when I knew I was in trouble and Mum’s skills on a moving target usually resulted in the wooden spoon being broken – on the swing, not the bottom. I can’t remember Dad ever smacking us and since Mum’s shot was usually off she didn’t often either. Dad may have given my brothers a good clip under the ear on occasion, deservedly for sure!


Mum wearing the pearls Dad gave her on their wedding day. The Foster Kid at the back. Helen in front of him, me then Anne. Dad built the swing and I still have it!


The infamous swing… on a good day! All dressed up in our Sound of Music dresses and a foster kid at the back. He was responsible for Anne’s broken arm. I remember when it happened.. he pushed her off the top of the couch – but I reckon he was just giving back some of what he got, Anne has her peaceful side but she won’t suffer fools!


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